Cooktown -> Daintree

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 3.31.01 pm

Only four-wheel drives take the shortcut. Big rigs go the long way round.

We stayed in Upper Daintree, at a camp just above the boat ramp. Handy for boat rides up and down the river. This was the view from our toilet window:


And this was the view on the river:


Those cows didn’t get the croc memo. And yes, that croc has a wild boar he caught and is saving for when he’s hungry. A well-fed croc is still dangerous.

We took the bike across the river on the car ferry into the Daintree for a tour around.


Such a beautiful place. Bush and beaches and exotic fruit farms serving exotically-flavoured ice-cream. And there’s cassowaries, but I don’t think they like motorbike noise!


Children's, YA and SF writer, living in an RV, and travelling Australia.

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