Gold Coast to Mt Alford

Mac was heading off for the weekend and our cousins in Brisbane were also away for the weekend so we decided to head out of the Gold Coast and free camp at the Mt Alford Pub.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.26.31 pm

Mt Alford is a super tiny town inland of Mt Tambourine and part of the ‘scenic rim’. It’s surrounded by small ranges. The camping is a paddock at the back of the Mt Alford hotel. Lots of space to camp anywhere, with toilets at the park next door. The meals at the pub were really huge and made mostly on site, and were super cheap, so it was easy to pop in there in the evening and have a meal and a beer. They also sell the beer from the brewery across the road which is only open Thurs-Sun. Locals were friendly and chatty and Dave and Rob the owners were great.

Very pretty countryside for riding and again we went swimming at lake Moogerah, making the locals shake their heads at the idiots who dared to brave the water at a mere 25C or so! Honestly! It’s not cold!

It was also a good spot to hook up with the Brisbane cousins the next weekend and go touring around Mt Tambourine.


After first tracking down the sled dogs to see them doing some dry running in the Karawatha Forest in Logan. This was the final part of my Neilma Sidney Literary Travel Grant (there are sled dogs in my next book, Dry Running). All my grant trips are done! I’d love to do this sport if I had time to look after big energetic dogs.


Children's, YA and SF writer, living in an RV, and travelling Australia.

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