We’re Off!

The house is gone, gone GAWN! No going back.

First we took two weeks in NZ at a reunion of the group we toured the US with in 2014 in a giant figure 8 with Colorado at its crossroads. Such fun lovely people. We rode motorbikes around out of Taihape, and those roads were amazing. The scenery in NZ is gorgeous. Climbing up those twisty hill roads to the top, we felt we were looking out over the whole world!

We left Harvey the RV in the hands of the electrical engineers, which meant that we got some work completed while we holidayed.

Auckland -> Tauranga -> Hamilton -> Raglan -> Taihape -> Whangamomona -> Taupo

Papamoa from the Papamoa Hills, and Mt Maunganui.

Raglan with family.

Taihape, good friends and the Moto Guzzi that was waiting for us.

Smash Palace, The Chateau, Harrisville, Bulls and Whangmomona (a republic, go slow through that tunnel, it’s full of rocks!).

Huka Falls, Taupo, Tongariru and a very suspicious volcanic plug!


Children's, YA and SF writer, living in an RV, and travelling Australia.

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