Melbourne -> Tocumwal -> Bathurst -> Nundle

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 6.45.20 pm

The first planned leg of our trip was to Nundle to catch up with an avid group of Jayco owners to talk shop, repairs and get some tips on how to do this whole live in an RV thing!

It was a three day drive. Straight off the plane from NZ, we drove from Melbourne into the night to get to the border at Tocumwal. The next day we drove on and stopped at a friend’s place in Bathurst, and then we took a look at the tiny and olde worlde town of Sofala…

… before heading off on seriously the WRONG ROAD to Nundle! (Two hours of bumping over bare rock and large gravel and ruts was a dead giveaway!) Don’t be fooled by the signs, they pretend to be road works, but the Bylong Valley Way is not a highway! The road from Rylstone to Merriwa is far worse than any road work! You might like to take that road if you have a nice springy 4-wheel drive or a tractor, but don’t take your caravan or motorhome that way. Harvey the RV got shook to bits!


We did however get to view the pleasant and lovely Bylong Valley, which they are planning to tear apart for coal very soon, which seems ridiculous given it is the most fertile land for miles. If Aussies ever develop the ability to eat coal, then this might be a good idea, but otherwise, it seems shallow thinking and selling out:


Finally, we made it to Fossickers Caravan Park in Nundle where damper bread, an invitation to dinner, and dozens of people made us feel very welcome!


Children's, YA and SF writer, living in an RV, and travelling Australia.

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