The Catalyst

What makes two people sell up, quit their day jobs, and choose to live in an RV and travel the country? Well, it all started… when did it start?

Did it start when I got two publishing deals one after the other and needed more time?

Did it start when Ken lost his job?

Did it start when the kids dropped out of uni and were unable to find decent jobs?

Did it start when the cafe scene boomed on our doorstep and our sleepy village within a city became a busy hot spot for great food?

Did it start with us just getting over constant parking fines and being stuck in traffic?

Whenever it started, there’s no denying that overwork had left us exhausted, and then… the catalyst arrived.

Our house burned down.

(takes you to Flipagram – click to play)

Okay, it didn’t burn completely down, it just became a shell of a house without a roof. The evaporative cooling unit, recalled in 2011 apparently, caught fire and caused a roof fire that burned out the attic room and flashed down into one side of the house. What wasn’t burnt was soot and water damaged, and basically we salvaged furniture from two rooms only.

Losing most of your possessions makes it easier to move on. Waiting for insurance to rebuild your house, does not. Insurance companies contract every single person they send to your house, and with a string of contractors cruising in and doing a quick job because they underquoted to an insurance company in Brisbane… it takes a long time to get things done right. But a year has gone by… and now the house is sparkling new and on the market.

The RV is ready to go!


Children's, YA and SF writer, living in an RV, and travelling Australia.

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