Bren MacDibble

December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Hope you’ve all had a good one. I can only say… TOO… MUCH… FOOD… next year: a crayfish, a beach and a bottle of champers… nothing else.

End of the year upon us and what have I done? ┬áNot the tax return that’s for sure… better get onto that. I did quit two jobs this year… is that progress? It is in terms of time management. Altho, it’s not immediately sensational for the bank balance. Now I’m on contract work I have lulls in which I can build webpages and write.

In terms of writing, I also did a couple of bold things this year. I called up a couple of favours from industry people when I normally wouldn’t be so bold. I got a very good response too. Also I’m getting great reviews for “Being Bella Wang” which appeared in SHiNY mag a couple of months ago:
The Fix
As If
Last Short Story. Tansy already had Being Bella Wang on her list of favs for 2008.
The Elephant Forgets – go down to 9 Dec.
That’s 4 positives from 4 reviews. A new record for me.

Oh, The Elephant Forgets is Rich Horton, who reviews for Locus. I’m a bit late keeping up with the play. Rich said lovely things about “Lost Property” in Locus magazine a couple of years ago. Impeccable taste that man. If only all editors were like Rich.

I was sad that “Being Bella Wang” didn’t get through to the finals in the Aurealis Awards. Sure I was trying some strange stuff, but I was very pleased that I almost got it the way I envisioned. I’d hate to think that my envisioning was completely out of whack.


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